Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Doctor Who Is A Better Person Than God


I don’t mean to say that Doctor Who is a wholly good character.  In fact, various versions of the Doctor have made some pretty horrendous decisions, not the least of which are genocides of entire species on more than one occasion.  But the Doctor who, like God, is a powerful being who exists outside of time, has power far beyond that of most other creatures in the universe, and claims to care especially for the human race, is in my opinion more moral than the Christian God.  And here are some reasons why:

1. Suffering and horror still happen in the Doctor’s universe too--but unlike God, he is incapable of stopping all of it and actively tries to stop all he can.

2. Every time he’s done something horrible and heavy, like kill the last remaining members of an entire species, it was in the face of an impossible decision.  For example, when the refugee alien fish-monsters from Saturnyne, disguised as Vampires, tried to take over the Earth for their new home to be able to survive, the Doctor had to choose between them and the humans.

Okay, so if looks matter, we totally win.

He is fond of the humans and always chooses them, so there was personal and emotional bias, but he would not have allowed the Saturnynians to die were there a choice, and in fact tried to convince their leader to let him save them a different way.  The God of the Bible had no such pressure or reason for any of the genocides he allowed or even commanded his people to commit (see: the book of Numbers for the horrifying story of the God-ordered slaughter of the Midianites, women and children included).

Enjoy this romanticized painting of a horrific genocide.

3. The Doctor and God both profess to care for the human race.  God made a sacrifice in the form of dying on the cross to save humanity, but only on the condition that each person believe in him and follow certain rules.  The Doctor has made sacrifices again and again to save Earth, and you know what he never did?  Ask for anything in return.  In fact, he does it in spite of the fact that almost no one even remembers that anything ever happened, much less believes in him.  God only loves humanity conditionally.  The Doctor loves humanity just for being themselves.

4. The Doctor shows regret for having done shitty things, like killing his entire species or wiping Donna’s brain, even if he had no choice.  God just claims his decisions are all perfect and would punish those who question him.

5.  When the Doctor faces down Satan, it's SO much more epic.  And he doesn't let Satan manipulate him (which he tries to), unlike God, who let Satan talk him into ruining Job's life just for a stupid bet (see: entire book of Job).

Plus he's badass.  I mean, LOOK at that thing.  And that little man in the Chuck Taylors just totally took him on.

Conclusion: Even fictional, bow tie-wearing aliens from BBC programs are better than the God of the Bible. Who is also fictional, but is not reported to wear bow ties.  Which is unfortunate, because bow ties are cool.

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  1. Our mutual friend Garret H. linked me this. This is amazing, you are amazing, and I agree with all of it. ... All hail the Doctor!


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