Wednesday, March 20, 2013

11 Reasons I Am A Geek

11.  I desperately want a Doctor Who tattoo and an atom tattoo.  Maybe something like this:

Gallifrey tattoo, Doctor Who
A Gallifreyan symbol.

 ...and this:

atom tattoo

10.  I keep up with nukes, the nerds of the Navy, in conversations about Star Wars.

Star Wars Conversation

9.  I am a fangirl of all of the following: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly (and Dollhouse, and Doctor Horrible, and...basically I'm a Joss Whedon fangirl, okay), xkcd comics, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Dresden Files, Carl Sagan, The Big Bang Theory, and probably more that I'm not thinking of off the top of my head.

8.  My favorite t-shirts are these three right here:

Ninja T-Shirt

Batman T-Shirt

Star Wars T-Shirt

7.  In high school I got straight A's.  Scratch that, I got straight weighted A's.  My GPA was 4.15.  The English department got together and gave me a little Powell's Books gift card and certificate for being the biggest English nerd in the school--and presented it to me in front of 405 of my peers.

6.  I watched all of Death Note in three days.  I am familiar with the basics of anime and manga and know slightly more Japanese words because of that than I do because of actually knowing Japanese people.

Death Note

5.  I didn't have my first kiss until I was almost 18.

4.  On tv shows, I always fall in love with the goofy smart guy.  Examples:

Wash, Firefly

JD, Scrubs

Reid, Criminal Minds
Add caption

Shawn Spencer, Psych

Topher Brink, Dollhouse

Ross Geller, Friends

3.  I was in band for 7 years--all of middle and high school.  And then I taught lessons for a while.

2.  Speaking of lessons, I also tutored several of my peers in Spanish, Literature, Math, and Social Studies.  While in high school.  Some of them were in my grade.  People also only wanted to be on my team for group projects because they knew I'd pick up their slack.

1.  The main reason I am a geek:  I can't keep up with "normal" conversations.  People start talking about Jersey Shore or football and I murmur something about Doctor Who and back slowly out of the room.

What makes YOU a geek?


  1. Fangirling about Harry Potter while going to a private Christian school. XD

  2. Knowing more or less about how the Large Hadron Cllider works;
    Being the one the folks at me office call when there is a problem with their Windows-based computers;
    Keeping track of all the Robins (I don't read super-heroes anymore, but keep informed about them to know what my friends who do are talking about);
    After watching a comic-based movie, having my girlfriend turn her face to me and invariably ask "So? Was it faithful to the source?".

  3. YES. I like all of these!!


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