Friday, December 7, 2012

Like We Needed More Proof I Was Crazy

OMG!  It's Sam!

...Miss me?

I went away for Thanksgiving and then I had a loss in the family last week, which is why it's been so very very long since I have blogged.  I am a little sorry, but considering I had good reasons, I probably shouldn't be.

I spent one weekend at Tyler's grandparents' house and then the next weekend at my mom's house, and remembered what it feels like to live in warmth, comfort, and cleanliness.  Both Tyler's grandma and my mother are tidy, creative women who know how to make a home beautiful and relaxing, and I found myself sleeping better, eating well, and feeling creatively inspired.

In happy places, every single thing is stark white and underarm hair is very faint.

I decided I need to get a little bit of that in my own life, so when I got home I started on a cleaning/decorating/organizing craze that has lasted not one day (my usual pattern), but four.  Four stay-up-till-three-am-cleaning-like-a-crazy-person days.

I have washed every piece of clothing and blanket and sheet and pillowcase in our possession, deep-cleaned and organized the bathroom, bought myself a whiteboard and updated it with daily to-dos and a weekly calendar, cleaned out the fridge and bought fresh groceries, stiched mine and Tyler's initials onto stockings and hung them, purchased and wrapped the first half of my Christmas gifts, and planned out meals for all the free days this week.

The evidence.

I reallllllllllly hope that once I'm caught up, this will to keep it going lasts.  Otherwise this is a week of hard work for nothing.

We should also get our orders soon, which is nice because I'd really like to know where I'm going to be living in two months.




  1. Dude. I know I haven't been writing or doing anything blog related lately, but are you married?? Like for realsies??? If so, YAY for marriage and FUCK YOU for me missing it.

    Did I mention I missed your blog? (Which is pretty much saying I miss ya!)

  2. Wow, GO YOU! I love clean spaces. I expect after pictures!! :o


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