Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today, some people went to a little place called Google to find answers to their questions.

Unfortunately for them, a few of them were directed to me.  Here's the breakdown:

I'm sure they meant "What if have oral and not fucking, bible" and not "What if have oral, and not fucking bible?"  At least I hope so.  Please don't fuck bibles, guys.  It's disrespectful, plus...papercuts.

That search probably led the poor sucker to this post: There's Totally Oral Sex In The Bible.

I hope that answered your question, my sexually confused religious friend.  If Solomon is to be taken as an example, have all kinds of sweet-fruit oral lovin', guilt-free.

Also worth noting are the top search keywords of the week, which are as follows:

Yeah, yeah, the thong thing.  But also..."Pieman Cowell?"  Is that, like, Simon Cowell with a pie on his head?  And why did four people search for that and end up on my blog somehow?

I'm not even going to try to figure that one out.

UPDATE: I lied.  I did try to figure it out.  Pieman Cowell is the nickname given to Simon Cowell because he looks awful fat.  Like, floppy double chin kind of awful.  Mean, to be sure, but...pretty funny.  Still no clue why it led to me though.


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  1. I freakin' love checking out my search terms. Some of them are so odd. Also, I think some people don't really understand googlee. Their search terms are sometimes so poorly constructed I wonder how they know ANYTHING about the world!


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